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  • Printed on Premium Cardstock

  • Matte, UV2, and UV1 Gloss

  • Custom Finishing Options

  • Super-Fast Turnaround

  • Single or Double-sided Printing

Bookmarks are a wonderful promotional item or gift that people will hold onto. Bookmarks are printed in full vibrant color and come in various coatings. From high gloss to semi-gloss; there is a coating for any occasion. Bookmarks come in various sizes 2.125 x 6, 2.125 x 7.25, 2.75 x 8.5, and 2.125 x 9.

People are more likely to hold onto bookmarks since they are reusable and come in handy. You can also design them so people can add notes on the material they are reading without having to damage the book or manual.

  • All Bookmarks are printed full color

  • Premium Card Stock

  • Different Coating Options

  • Fast Turnaround

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